Notable Quotables | Battle Royale


Battle Royale…my god.

Being a translation, it’s hard to tell when faults in the writing are by the author or the translator, but a few good quotes managed to make it’s way through.

For example, there’s the quotes on harsh reality:

I’m sure you must know this, Shuya…but loving someone always requires you to not love others.

You couldn’t survive in this country if you really wanted to be good. I’d be dead if I were really a good person.

Then the quotes on music, specifically rock and roll:

I don’t know how to describe it well, but it’s music that really expresses people’s problems. Of course, songs can be about love, but at times they can be about politics or society, or the way we live our lives, and life itself. Along with the words, the melody and beat help get the message across.

an obvious example would be Lennon’s lines, “You may say I’m a dreamer/But I’m not the only one/I hope some day you’ll join us and the world will be as one.” How could the nation not consider that a threat?

Then the quotes that really show of the psycology the novel goes into:

But from what little I’ve seen at school, I think Mitsuko and Kazuo are similar. The only difference is that Mitsuko’s abandoned all reason and love. There was probably something behind that. I have no idea what it was. But Kazuo doesn’t have any cause. The difference is crucial. There’s no explanation behind Kazuo.

What I mean is that, even a dumb ass like me can think everything’s pointless. Why do I get up and eat? It all ends up shit anyway. Why am I going to school and studying? Even if I happen to succeed I’m going to die anyway. You wear nice clothes, you seek respect, you make a lot of money, but what’s the point? It’s all pointless. Of course, this kind of meaninglessness might suit this crappy nation. But…but, you see, we still have emotions like joy and happiness, right? They may not amount to much. But they fill up our emptiness.

And finally, the quote that basically sums up this story:

They were all gone. Not just everyone’s lives, but so many other things were destroyed.

I’ll probably put up my review of the novel next week, and I don’t know when I’ll get around to watching the movie. But these quotes almost sum up all the good points in the novel. As for the bad, find out next week. 🙂


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