The Playlist | Summer Place by Andy Williams

There are songs that you just know are super old because of the orchestra musical accompaniment. “Summer Place” is one of those songs.

You might be wondering why a super old-time song is stuck in my head, which is perfectly legitimate since the farthest I allow myself to go back is Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong.

(A quick Google Search has revealed that Fitzgerald is older than this so…yeah, maybe not so much of a surprise.)

It really is a nice song though. My mom likes to argue with me that today’s music cannot be understood unless you have the lyrics in front of you. I argue back that Young the Giant is plenty understandable without lyrics, and that as much as I like her 1980s music (Whitney Houston, Madonna and Michael Jackson—who would say no?) it is also the era of Rick Astley.

…not that that’s a bad song…just birth to one of the most viral memes on the internet.

Summer Place in indisputably understandable, fluffy and just plain sweet. It’s an adorable little song about optimism, and it’s very lullaby-y (if that makes sense.)

Did you like “Summer Place” by Andrew Williams? Have music you think should be on The Playlist? Leave a comment below!


2 thoughts on “The Playlist | Summer Place by Andy Williams”

  1. I actually love this song – but only the instrumental version! It was used in some horror movie I loved so even though it’s so light and sweet I associate it with haunted houses!


    1. Oh wow! I never knew that. Apparently its originally for a movie called “the summer place”….but I’d never imagine a horror movie!


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