If I Shaved My Head…(and other brain farts)

It’s…it’s been a long week.

And despite being so long, my motivation and inspiration to write…well, amything really…has been so miniscule, you’d need an electron microscope to see it.

It has been a week of writer’s block and brain farts for me. A train of thought usually goes like this:

My face is tan but my part is pale. If I shaved my head, would it be two toned?

But dad’s head is shaved and it’s all tan. But maybe thats because it got tanned after he shaved it.

Though there is kind of a shadow from his hair. “Stubble”? No, that’s a beard. “Head stubble”? “Five o’clock head shadow?”

What time is it? Already midnight? I’m not tired though. But I’m probably going to wake up early tomorrow because our window faces east, and the light fills our room.

Why is there a heat wave? It’s too hot. I shouldn’t have worn those shoes on that walk earlier. It looks like the tri force is tanned onto my feet.

…and you get the idea.

So why bother writing a post at all? Well for one thing, my OCD that doesn’t simply want two playlist posts in a row wanted me to write something today.

Also, if I just focus on this brain crack, then I’ll be stuck in this slump forever. I’d rather write badly than not write at all.

And finally, some part of me hopes this is kind of funny. So internet, do your thoughts sometimes get fartsy instead of artsy? Tell me below!

(Hopefully next week will be better.)


2 thoughts on “If I Shaved My Head…(and other brain farts)”

  1. My thoughts definitely get fartsy instead of artsy, especially when I’m super busy or tired. Just out curiosity, did your pondering over a shaved head come about because of last night’s episode of Korra involving the airbenders?


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