In Medias Res | Put 2 and 2 Together …PLEASE!

The Lost HeroAs I’ve finished the first Percy Jackson series and reviewed them as a build up to The Blood of Olympus coming out in October, I’m now halfway through the first instalment of the Heroes of Olympus series, The Lost Hero.

(But it’s only June! You could finish everything in September if you wanted!)

(Well, no, because (a) procrastination is a thing and (b) school is too.)

And a funny thing happens when you reread a book. You notice all the things you didn’t notice before.

For example, this book has a major flaw, it being that IT IS BLATANTLY OBVIOUS WHERE JASON IS FROM.

The answer? Roman Camp.

I mean, come on, how much more obvious can you make it , Rick?

Jason is covered with I am Roman Labels:

  • He speaks Latin fluently
  • He refers to all mythological beings in the Roman terms
  • His sword is a gladius, and his fighting style is reminiscent of that of the Romans
  • He wears a purple shirt (colour of authority in Ancient Rome)
  • He has this nagging “NO” feeling whenever he does something “Greek”
  • He is literally branded with the Roman logo (SPQR)

I mean, combined with the fact that everyone knows the parallels between Greek and Roman mythology, you’d think at least Annabeth would figure out what the hell was going on.

But everyone seems pretty damn clueless. And while I know Jason is suffering from goddess-induced amnesia, he, at the very least, should be able to assume that if magical Greek camps are possible, so are Roman ones.

Instead, we’re tossed back and forth as the characters wonder “Where did Jason come from?” and “Why haven’t we heard about this son of Zeus before?”

Seriously people, get a freaking clue. Or rather, look at the one branded on your forearm and FIGURE IT OUT ALREADY.


2 thoughts on “In Medias Res | Put 2 and 2 Together …PLEASE!”

  1. I love this series, but it was a little hard for me to get into The Lost Hero, this obviousness being one of the reasons (that and I had to warm up to Jason, Piper, and Leo). However, by the book’s end, I was hooked and now the Heroes of Olympus series is my favorite of Rick Riordan’s works so far. I’m waiting awhile longer to reread the books because I just read them earlier this year, so they’re pretty fresh in my memory, and because I know if I read them now I’ll be dying to get my hands on The Blood of Olympus (more than I already am, that is).


    1. I felt the same way about this book! I think Leo is the easiest to warm up to, but the series definitely gets better with each book!


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