The Playlist | Soul Eater Soundtrack

Anime soundtracks are a sort of guilty pleasure of mine. I can’t understand a thing they’re saying (except for the occasional English word), but the riffs are so catchy since its usually J-pop or (even better) J-rock.

This brings me to my newest fascination: Soul Eater.

Soul Eater operates on the premise that Lord Death has created an academy to train Meister-Weapon partnerships. Weapons are actually humans who can transform into various lethal objects and meisters are the people who wield them. Each partnership is trained to collect Keeshins (or Afreets…it’s complicated)—souls who have diverted from the human path by murdering other humans. When a weapon collects (and therefore eats) 99 Keeshin souls plus the soul of a witch, it is deemed a death scythe, a weapon worthy to be wielded by death himself.

And the soundtrack for this thing is so good.

The opening theme, “Resonance”, reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas for some reason. I think it’s the intro.

Frankly, it’s pretty standard fare in terms of music for anime. Where Soul Eater’s soundtrack really wins points is it’s variety of sounds, while still maintaining a quality of (what I can only call) discomfort to keep with the unsettling and dark premise of the story.

Soul’s theme, “So Scandalous”, is a laid back rap…in English! (Despite it, though, it still sounds like complete nonsense to me.) The piano has this messed up riff that is somewhat jarring to hear but something about it is so intriguing…I just want to hear it over and over again.

Kid’s theme, “Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Have a Nice Dream” is also in English, and still makes little sense to me, but this time it’s more of a jazzy-rock-rap. This time the jarring riff is given to (what I think) is an electric guitar. Though it might be saxophone or even the harmonica. (Help with this in the comments would be great!)

And to add more to this, they even have the voice actors of each Meister-Weapon pairing sing a song together! (It’s like Disney Channel…but Japanese anime.)

You’ve got the protagonist Maka and her scythe, Soul:

Then there’s Black Star and his ninja shapeshifting arsenal, Tsubaki:

And finally Death the Kid and his pistols, Liz and Patty:

These three songs don’t necessarily match the soundtrack, but they are fun to listen to despite (once again) not know what they are saying 100% of the time. Maybe one day I’ll look up the English lyrics, but for now I’m quite content just enjoying the sound.

Did you like the Soul Eater soundtrack? Have music you think should be on The Playlist? Leave a comment below!


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