The Playlist | Love is Easy by McFly

It’s been really hot in Vancouver recently…it felt really weird until it started raining again.

Ah, Vancouver. You and rain go hand in hand, don’t you?

The warm weather still has me in early-summer mode. Part of my summer playlist is “Love is Easy” by McFly. It’s light, cheerful and upbeat.

But it sounds like a false statement, doesn’t it? Love is probably the hardest and most complicated thing in the universe.

I mean, just try explaining love in words.

Can’t? I thought so.

I remember in sunday school the priest, Father Gary, asked our class if we had seen love. If we had we were supposed to move to the right side of the room. If not, we were to move to the left side of the room.

All the students moved to the right side of the room. ButFather Gary moved to the left, which surprised us all. He explained to us that he had never seen love, just signs of it. He told us that those signs were hugs, kisses, kind acts and words between people. And we all ended up moving to the left side of the room with him.

Love isn’t tangible or visible. It cannot be moulded by words or recorded on canvas with paint.

The complications that we think of when we consider love are because love is so easily hindered by circumstance. In The Fault in Our Stars, cancer complicates love. In Eleanor and Park, physical harm complicates love. In Harry Potter, well,

“OI! There’s a war going on here!”
-Harry after Ron and Hermione finally get together

But love isn’t complicated. It simply is. And that’s what makes it so easy.

Did you like “Love is Easy” by McFly? Have music you think should be on The Playlist? Leave a comment below!


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