How to make a bucket list.

Period. (See what I did there sam?)

So this is in response to sam’s post How to make a bucket list? It was going to go in the comments first but then it got SUPER long and she did give me permission to rant, so rant I shall:

But first! Story time:

I had to make a bucket list for a high school assignment.

Who says a bucket list can’t be serious? Some of the stuff I had written include:

  • find my dream job and pursue it
  • Attend UBC
  • Help end world hunger

And who says some goals can’t be fun? I also had this:

  • catch a firefly
  • arrange a fireworks show
  • learn pottery
  • learn how to windsurf

And, being the nerd I am, even divided the bucket list into sections:

  • Stuff to save the world
  • Stuff to see
  • Stuff to learn
  • Stuff to do around the world
  • Stuff to do with family and friends
  • Stuff that’s creative
  • Miscellaneous

That’s right. I had a misc. section.

But to make everything on my list meaningful, I’d thought about what everything each goal encompassed.

For example, I put “Ride in a hot air balloon”. That meant several things for me:

  1. Get over vertigo.
  2. Find a place that offers hot air ballon rides.
  3. Make sure that place is worth the view.
  4. Have the money to get on the balloon.
  5. Who do I want there with me?

Just saying “I want to ride on a hot air balloon” meant considering all of these things too. And once I’ve figured it all out, I’m going to get on that balloon.

I’ve crossed of a few of the things on my list already, and I wrote it 5 years ago. Some were fun, like going to Europe with my best friend, and going to Disneyland (Augustus would be disappointed in me). Some were underwhelming, like making a wish at Trevi Fountain. And some are ongoing backbreaking work (UBC). But that means I get to replace those things with new goals.

Bucket lists are “To Do” Lists, forcing ourselves to recognize: I am not going to live forever, so what am I going to do until then?

Just ask yourself that question over and over again. And don’t be worried about being too serious or too silly. It’s your life: make it as serious or silly or awesome as you want!

So good luck writing your list sam! And may the odds be ever in your favour.

(I don’t know, it just seemed to fit.)

Some suggestions from the internet:



10 thoughts on “How to make a bucket list.”

  1. I love bucket lists! Really, I love lists in general. And dreams, goals and aspirations. I have always wanted to use a fake name at Starbucks but I always forget or get flustered. 🙂 I like that you put a lot of thought into your goals!


    1. Probably a name from a book… Hazel Grace your chai tea is ready… Or maybe a Marvel superhero name… Tony Stark… Iron Man.


  2. Wow!
    I’m gonna take a page right out of your list and divide mine in sections too (well, that IS the way to go, isn’t it?)

    Thanks for the pictures- expect an owl from me soon (Provided it isn’t Pigwidgeon)

    And Disneyland? Let Gus say what he wants- I am so going. 😛

    And yes, I saw what you did there! 😉


    1. That’s a pity, I rather like Pig—when he isn’t acting like an owl hopped up on coffee.

      Now if you send Errol….that’s another story.

      And if you send Hedwig you are a miracle worker and I will love you forever. RIP the best owl in history.


    2. Oops! I did mean Errol myself XP
      Like I’ve been telling my friend, I need to re-read those books! This is unacceptable!!!
      It has been more than 5 years.. 😥

      And if I could send Hedwig, I would. We’d share her as a pet- Imagine that! 😀


    3. I haven’t read them in ages either! I think I last read the books right before the 8th movie came out…

      And that would be a fantastic idea!


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