How I Met Your Mother | The Best/Worst TV Finale Ever?

Last Forever Part One


So MAJOR spoiler alert.

Though if you’ve been on the internet in the past 24 hours (and let’s face it who hasn’t?) or on any social media site (again, even more so…) then you’ve already been spoiled to enough to not want/desperately want to watch the How I Met Your Mother Finale.

I can sum up my reaction to the finale in two words:

  1. Troll.
  2. Brilliant!

Yes. I feel both the dark and the light side of the fans’ response (though which is which is highly debatable).

Quick Summary of the Finale: Robin and Barney divorce, Barney has a daughter, Ted gets married to the mother, the mother gets sick, dies. Six years later HIMYM begins…as a ploy to get the kids to consider Robin as their step-mom.

You heard right. The whole time, Ted’s not telling the kids about “How I Met Your Mother”…it’s “How I Met/Dated/And Still Pine For Your Aunt Robin”.

Yup. “Pine for.” Ted Moseby style.

But back to the point. Or rather, the first point: TROLL.

The whole build up to the mother was just a ploy to warm us all up to Robin. The finale breaks Barney, Robin and the Mother’s characters just to get to this ending. There was a huge build up to Barney maturing and the Mother being the love of Ted’s life.

I was ready for Robin to be with Barney. I was happy that Barney finally had a stable life. I was happy that Ted finally let her go. Ted was going to meet the mother, have a family. THE END.

But then the writers reversed all of that. Everything that was built up over nine seasons only to be reversed in thirty minutes. Barney was hitting on girls, Lily and Marshall were the happy couple, Ted in his domestic life, Robin was the stranger in their group, trying to make her way in again.

And the mother was killed off. *Poof* Gone.

Like someone just hit the reset button. We were back to season one, episode one.

Admittedly, the way that things replay is quite nice. Therefore we transfer to point two: BRILLIANT!

First and easiest, Lily and Marshall are constants, so that’s fine.

Then Barney’s scene with his daughter is easily the tear-jerker scene of the show. It was the best speech I’ve ever seen NPH deliver, and I loved it.

Now to the more difficult stuff.

The mother’s death, while poorly set up and highly anticipated resonated Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember style, which allows for the gooey chick flick happy ending everyone wanted. So yeah, that at least was carried out well.

Then there’s the big shocker–that Ted is buttering up his kids so they’ll be okay with him dating Robin. Which they clearly are.

Problem: I’m not. Ted and Robin are not Rachel and Ross for me. No part of me wanted Ted with Robin.

But it was a smart move for the writers. It was a twist that no one expected. And after all the disappointment and rage by the fans, it was what should have happened if someone hit the reset button.

Because if someone hit the reset button, all nine seasons go down the drain. If someone hits the reset button, it doesn’t matter that Ted had the mother or Barney had Robin.

I read somewhere that this was the most logical ending. That the only thing holding Robin and Ted back was that they wanted different things. And now that they got to experience them (Robin’s Argentina and Ted’s family) they were free to be together without any regret or resentment.

And I agree. Because even if I don’t think they are good together…the characters think they do. And that’s a pretty happy ending if everyone gets what they want.

I think all the rage and disappointment comes from the swticheroo the writers did. We were all expecting the love story of Ted and his wife, when really it was Ted and Robin. And even though we were clued in on the very first episode, we were all waiting for the mother.

But hey, I don’t like the love story of Juliet and Romeo either. That doesn’t mean it isn’t meaningful.

So thank you HIMYM. For nine seasons of slaps, ducky ties, quotes from the bro code, “d’awww” moments, and the biggest “WTF just happened” ending.


1 thought on “How I Met Your Mother | The Best/Worst TV Finale Ever?”

  1. Hehe…ducky tie!! 😀

    Your reaction to the ending is exactly the same as mine.
    My friend had already warned me a little bit. She’s like after you watch the last episode you feel like you might as well have stopped after the first episode.
    I think that’s the best and shortest way of putting it.

    Liked by 1 person

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