The Playlist | Absentee by Jack Campbell

So, as the new header of the blog suggests, I’m posting more about music, since my playlist is a mix of a lot of different genres. A recent addition to the playlist is Jack Campbell’s Absentee:

I love how this song has two turns in it: one about five seconds in and another two thirds of the way in. You can’t claim this song is repetitive or boring because it keeps changing.

Plus, it’s very upbeat and I like that.

Granted, the music video was a little weird, but what music video isn’t weird nowadays?

I found this song by Welcome to Night Vale, which if you haven’t heard of before, you should definitely check out. It’s a fictional radio show full of deadpan humour and daily apocalypses, and the weather, which is actually music. Absentee is the weather for episode 37, Auction, and is by far my favourite track for the weather.

I leave you with the acoustic version of the song, which I adore just as much:


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