Notable Quotables | Xenocide by Orson Scott Card

Photo on 2014-03-29 at 9.31 PMSo I love quotes. I’ve taken to them so much that I actually carry flags with me while I read so I can mark off quotes that I love. Since I never get to share them, I thought I’d post my favourite flagged quotes on here!

So here are the notable quotables from Orson Scott Card’s Xenocide:

<Human beings do metamorphose.They change their identity constantly. However, each new identity thrives on the delusion that it was always in possession of the body it has just conquered.> (38)

Let it be the most obvious fabrication and you will still believe whatever truth is in it, because you cannot deny the truth no matter how shabbily it is dressed. (89)

It’s a foolish man who thinks a true story can only mean one thing. (293)

<Maybe we’re the fools, for thinking we know things. Maybe humans are the only ones who can deal with the fact that nothing can ever be known at all.> (317)

Nothing that actually happens is likely until it exists, and then it’s certain. (389)

A real god doesn’t care about control. A real god already has control of everything that needs controlling. Real gods would want to teach you how to be just like them. (412)

“I don’t give a damn about heroes” said Ela. “Heroes tend to be dead” (421)

“Do you want to know my most closely guarded secret? […] When we’re alone, I call him Papa, and he calls me Son.” (449)

If life to you means independence, a completely unfettered freedom to do as you like, then none of the sentient creatures is alive. No of us is ever truly free. (574)


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