Where did all this snow come from?!

ETNA PLUSWhen I decided that I was going to UBC for post secondary school, I developed a irrational fear.

Was it final exams? No.

Oral presentations? Nope.

Spilling 12M HCl in lab and burning my fingers off? Not a chance.

But commuting in the snow….in the snow

I should mention that my commute is one and a half hours, one way, including two buses and the skytrain…and one of those buses is the busiest route in the lower mainland.

So I started panicking when it started snowing like mad for three days straight.

So out of my paranoia, I left super early for my midterm today, which was at 8am…and I got to campus an hour early. Since I don’t believe in cramming in the hour before the test and I (ironically) not in the mood for coffee, I took a walk around campus.

Main Mall...the first time I've ever seen it this empty
Main Mall…the first time I’ve ever seen it this empty

Have you ever been in an empty crowded place? Usually on campus I am weaving my way through crowds with earbuds listening to Young the Giant.

But this morning was beautiful. Walking alone on pathways that are meant for hundreds over the course of the day with nothing but the sound of crunching snow and ice, and the light that promised a clear, sunny day as company was the best way to clear my head before my test. The poor photos from my phone do not do it justice.

“The snow doesn’t give a soft white damn whom it touches.”
― E.E. Cummings

The Clock Tower
The Clock Tower
The frozen fountain
The frozen fountain

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