A New Way to Tell A Story

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A few days ago I got an email from a mysterious entity called “The Watcher” entitled “This is not spam.” Admittedly, it really does seem like it:

My father’s fortune was stolen by rebels, but before he fled the country, he stashed millions in an overseas account, and if you would be so kind as to send me $5,000, I would repay you double that. God bless you.

I kid of course, I kid.

But the information I e-mail you with is no laughing matter. The fate of several humans depends upon your course of action after you are bestowed upon the worldly wisdom that follows:

Some say time is just something the humans came up with. We know better. Time is not physical, nor does it normally have an impact on anyone’s life, but it’s out there. Waiting. Inform people, tell them about us and we will spread the word of time and space. Do not let our sacrifices go waste. Tell them about “thetimetravelproject.weebly.com“, where information will be. Sometime. Possibly in the future.

The Watcher.

I would have completely ignored it, except that fellow blogger ravenclawsam mentioned it on her blog, but the link didn’t work at the time and I was completely curious. So I clicked on it.

As you can guess from the web address, it’s a blog, but an interesting one. Each blog is the story of a time traveller, all beginning on New Year’s, 2014. Admittedly, I’ve thought of telling a story this way, much like Hank Green reimagined Pride and Prejudice by turning Elizabeth Bennet into a vlogger.

The individuals stories are interesting, and the site promises there will be overlap. I still don’t know who the Watcher is, but hopefully he/she/it will reveal him/her/it-self. Check it out and maybe you’ll find something interesting (no tardis guaranteed, as far as I’ve read).

I’m looking at you Whovians.

“When this much activity happens at once, The Watcher sits up and takes notice.  I’m not ready to say that trouble is ahead, but things will definitely get interesting.”

-The Time Travel Project


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