Balancing is a Hard Task

Doing some research for my paper I found the following TedxTalk (which really is a TedxNotalk).It’s about fifteen minutes long, so if you have the time, check it out:

It’s the balancing act from Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna, a show based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and represents the natural balance of the world. 

The visuals are amazing and its amazing that those bones balanced they way they do. I find it really interesting at a single feather can change the balance…and moving it forces the rest to collapse like dominos.

It shows how hard balance is to achieve, which is actually a really spiritual message. The look on her face once she’s placed the entire mobile on the final bone is priceless.

And yet, it’s also terrifying. At any moment, the entire thing could fall apart. The suspense kills me as I watch it.

The level of control necessary to do this is uncanny. Again, the metaphorical implications come into play: There is strict control necessary to maintain balance.

So why do people strive for balance if it’s so much work? We’re told to try and balance our lifestyles. In movies, heroes are always trying to restore balance.

And I guess that’s the point. We restore balance, or get as close as we can, because it continues to fall apart.

I just hope it never totally collapses.

“Any order is a balancing act of extreme precariousness.” ― Walter Benjamin


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