Little Things That Make Me Lose My Faith In Humanity

It’s the famous question: Is chivalry dead?

First of all, I find it kind of weird we call it chivalry seeing as it’s based off the French word for horse, “cheval”. It makes it seem like we’re asking, “Is horseback riding dead?” and to that question, I believe the answer is no.

My family has been without regular heating for five days now. We’ve been relying on the gas fireplace and snuggling under piles of blankets to keep warm. A repair man was supposed to come on the Friday that we found out the heat went out. Then moved to Saturday. Then Monday. Then today, sometime between 2-3PM

And yet here we are, Tuesday evening, and still no heat or phone call from the repair man.

Point is, we’re mad. We’re effing mad.

(F is for freezing.)

What happened to common courtesy? Calling to say, “Sorry, I won’t be able to make it” when you scheduled an appointment? Giving up you seat to that elderly lady on the bus? Holding a door open? Waiting for your turn?

Something has happened to the world. Something that has made us so impersonal to one another. Something that forgets the world around us isn’t a simulated world meant for our manipulation and our manipulation alone.

I don’t need a man holding my hand through life as I step over mud puddles. I don’t need people riding horses, wielding swords to fight dragons. No one needs that.

But the world needs something. Maybe its the obligatory feeling that we constantly owe something, that we must always help each other. Maybe it is the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it is chivalry.

Or maybe it isn’t chivalry. But certainly something like it.

“The age of chivalry is past. Bores have succeeded to dragons.” ― Charles Dickens


2 thoughts on “Little Things That Make Me Lose My Faith In Humanity”

  1. I often find myself feeling this way, especially living in a major urban area. We get so caught up in trying to get ahead and competition for everything is rife. But humanity always surprises me. Someone will always restore my faith through some small act of kindness or a small word of encouragement. Sometimes the little things end up meaning the most.


    1. Yeah, I was fairly pessimistic in this postand I dont mean to be, because there are also little things that restore my faith in humanity as well 🙂


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