Food for the Feminist Thought

My sister said something interesting today.

People will fight for a dumb female, but they won’t fight for a dumb male.

To put this in context, we were talking about sitcoms and how dumb females are criticized but dumb males are laughed at. Sounds really dumb, right?

But I started to realize how true it was. And the problem with that is this is the kind of thing that makes people say “feminists hate men.”

Intelligence, strength, sexual openness/conservativeness are all in varying degrees, and have little to do with gender. And yet the world seems to have such polarized views when you take one of those topics and then apply them to either gender. Why is that?

Unfortunately, I feel like I should blame the feminists, or at least the extremely incorrect perception that feminists want to reverse the idea that men are superior to females. (Which obviously isn’t true.) (Speaking of which, are there “minists”? or is it just “male-ists”?) Because of this, the balance seems to be flipped.

I think that there should be “equalists”…and seeing as spellcheck just underlined it, I don’t think it’s a word. The point is, feminists are incorrectly believed to be trying to flip the male-female dominance, when in actuality they are trying to level it off. And that’s was feminists are trying to do anyways, right? Promote gender equality.

Such are the little wisdoms that crop up in daily conversation.



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