Soundtracks Save Book to Movie Adaptations

I discovered this song on tumblr the other day and immediately fell in love with it. It’s based on the character, Nico di Angelo, from the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, and meant to come from the point of view of his elder sister. I don’t usually look for fan-made music like this, but it made me go “awww” long after it ended.

What I like best about the song is that you don’t have to know the story behind it to understand that it is offering comfort. And in doing so, it makes you recognize that Nico needs comfort. It does what any good accompanying music should do: add emotion.

(It’s why horror movies are so scary.)

The best part about book to movie adaptations are their soundtracks. This is because of my long standing belief that good books can’t be translated into good movies–what makes a good book “good” is that you can get into a character’s head and understand their train of thought as it happens. You can’t do that in movies unless you want a narrative throughout the entire film—and that completely negates the reason for a movie adaptation.

But music transcends that barrier between what we see and what we feel and think. Many times it goes beyond words–and in ways, thats an improvement on the book, since a book can only ever describe things in words. To be honest, I usually ignored Nico when I read, but this song made me pay attention to his story, and see it in a new light.

Check out Paola Bennett’s Tumblr for her covers and other original songs. I also really like her song for the Red Wedding in the Song of Storm and Fire series called Timbers and Wind.

I can remember soundtracks that you just can’t separate from the film – It’s just so intertwined, so important. Like the Hitchcock ones where they kind of inform each other and become this larger thing as a result. -Jonny Greenwood


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