NOT Reasons For Boycotting a Book

So when I finish reading a book that no one else I know has read, I have to find someone else’s opinion. Sometimes people see or interpret things in ways I never think about, or thought differently, or that I never saw at all, and quite often it’s eye-opening. Usually, I like holding conversation, but since I can’t find another person to talk to, I have to find something else.

The other option? People’s reviews on a site known as:


It really is a good site for reviews, discussion boards, and it recommends books based on your reading list.

And so when I finished Rick Riordan’s The House of Hades, I ran to my computer. Most of it was standard “ZOMG THIS WAS AMAZING” so I kept digging for something with substance. And then I found this discussion board:

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 12.05.35 AM

So for those of you who are going to but haven’t read the book yet, stay I’m warning you now, STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS POST. Pretend you never saw this, and (hopefully you will) return when you have read this book.

Or, if you don’t care, continue. Because I’m not here to talk about the plot, or the characters, or the writing style.

Well, actually, just one in particular. As the image above suggests, I’m talking about Riordan’s character Nico di Angelo.

For those who are reading this with no knowledge of the books, here’s the breakdown: The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series and The Heroes of Olympus Series are novels aimed at children aged 9-14 about the secret world of demigods: children who are half human, half Greek/Roman god. They go on quests that mirror Greek and Roman Mythology, but the setting is modern day. The protagonist is Percy Jackson, a son of Poseidon, who goes on quests and fulfills prophecies. Another secondary character is Nico di Angelo, a son of Hades who is perpetually an outcast due to his parentage and personality.

In his recent addition to the series, The House of Hades, Riordan has made it canon that Nico has a crush on Percy, and is therefore gay. Naturally, the fans who were waiting for this are raving, and the ones who aren’t are shocked. Thus, this particular discussion was pretty popular on the site. And so I clicked on it.

What is expected to happen did happen: it became a debate about exposing children to homosexuality. But that’s not what this blog post is about. This blog post is about this particular comment:

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 11.22.43 PMThere are several reasons why you might stop reading a book series that you’ve been so dedicated to that you read nine books into, right before the finale comes out:

  • The plot took a major nosedive and is no longer in your interest
  • The characters lost character
  • The writing deteriorated so much so you couldn’t stand it
  • The topic suddenly became offensive
  • Some big conspiracy was revealed about the author in which they are just drawing out the plot to steal your money
  • Aliens brainwashed you and you no longer remember the series even existed

There are so many things wrong for this person’s reasoning. And what’s worse, there are several people who agree with it:

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 12.04.26 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 12.11.30 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 12.22.05 AMI understand people who are homophobic the same way that I understand people who are afraid of things like spiders, sharks, and the dark. It’s something they are averse to and that’s completely fine. People are free to have an opinion.

And I know what you’re thinking: didn’t you just say above they can quit if the book becomes personally offensive?

The thing is, this was never the main point of the story. This does not suddenly change what the books have been about, it just changes what your perception of a single character. These books have always been about adventure: quests, action, fighting monsters, doing the right thing. Rooted in Greek Mythology, the series has already covered a lot of controversial and heavy topics: illegitimate children, adultery, incest, beastiality, absentee parents, child orphans, warfare, and suicide to name a few. I pretty sure a professor of the Classics could name a few more. Nobody raised their pitchforks and torches to that.

So why now? Look at what this person says:

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 12.18.04 AMThe books are still, and always will be about adventure. They are still about quests, saving the world, and trying to do the right thing. The plot is still very good. Why does a gay character change that? He’s not even the main character–Nico is obscure, secretive, often put to the side in both the plot and the reader’s minds (well, at least my mind). Riordan is very smart in the way he words things. Everything is implied. He never outright says “incest”, “illegitimate”, “queer”, “homosexual”, or “gay”. There’s a scene in the previous book where a teenage girl is offered to be the wife of a bull. A BULL. How is that not offensive while this is?

Other people claimed Riordan was jumping the “let’s make a character gay because it’s hipster” bandwagon and Nico was the most likely candidate. NO. True, Riordan didn’t plan for Nico to be gay, but when you write a character who is introduced at the age of eleven, is your main concern going to be their sexuality? Of course not! And when logic is applied, it does make sense. Percy is Nico’s favourite game come to life: a hero who cares for his friends and beats up monsters.

The idea that parents weren’t warned also irritates me. Do parents need warning? I suppose so, this opens the topic of homosexuality up for a lot of kids. But some parents don’t want their children knowing about it. To that, I ask the parents, “Do you want your children to grow up naive? What if they meet some who is gay or even worse, discover that they are gay and don’t know what to do?” This is what happens in the real world. And a parent’s job is to prepare their children for the real world. Riordan did not suddenly make up gay people, and this is an accessible and frankly entertaining icebreaker.

Despite that, I don’t think that was the point. Riordan wasn’t trying to act as the mediator of children and gay rights. I think he was trying to give a hero to kids who are confused, who are coming to realize or know that they are gay. This book series was initially written for his son, who is dyslexic and diagnosed with ADHD, and as such demigods are diagnosed similarly, with valid reasoning. He was a middle school teacher after all, so he knows that children struggle with this. Nico, despite having certain flaws, has admirable traits: he’s determined, he’s brave, he’s willing to sacrifice his own for the greater good. And if he just so happens to like a boy, so what?

Then there are the words “violating” and “horrifying”. There are several other things people find violating and horrifying. But I think this particular post sums it up:

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 12.00.32 AM

While the message here was that people are free to say what they want, I find it interesting that people don’t get like this about sexism, racism, or any other kind of discrimination. Despite seeming anti-homophobic, I have to mention this. I constantly kept seeing the word “chose” between “Nico” and “to be gay” in this forum. People do not choose to be gay. They simply are. Simply the way straight people are straight, that black people are simply black, and that females are females. (Not to say that it is genetic, which is scientifically impossible, merely natural.)

And finally, my least favourite word in the post: “episode.”

Was this a heart attack? A seizure? Does a feeling suddenly come over you for five seconds when you decide you want to declare you are something that others may conceive as controversial and then return to the “normal” state of being?

The answer to all of these questions is NO.

It was never an episode, it was a confession. And yes, it was just as dramatic, but that’s because Nico doesn’t want to be this way. And I think that’s the key. Nico is from the 1940s (long explanation, just go along with it). A time where Hitler was sending Jews, homosexuals and gypsies to concentration camps. It makes sense that he’s uncomfortable with the way he is. Nico is well aware that Percy won’t ever return his feelings, that he’s already an outcast due to his parentage, and that some people are uncomfortable with people who are gay, and admitting it would just further this.

I’d also like to note that even though Jason (the only witness to the confession) assures him that it’s okay, he cannot speak for everyone, despite saying that their friends will also be supportive. Hazel and Frank, for instance are quite conservative, and their reaction may be mixed. If his reaction is why people think this book is explicitly supporting gay rights, then they have to realize that this is the opinion of only ONE CHARACTER.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that (being as neutral as possible) the books don’t revolve around Nico being gay. They revolve around teenagers going on a quest to save the world. And for a book series that’s so good a reader has dedicated themselves to reading nine books, it seems ridiculous to give up on something that is arguably pale in comparison to all the other controversial topics that the readers are exposed to, that isn’t even the main plot.

To those who have expressed dislike/discomfort and are threatening to boycott consider this: you may never like the idea of a gay character, but you did like the books. You can hate the character, but there are so many more that you’ve come to love. Yes, this will be addressed again, but knowing Riordan, it will be classy. You know that this is never what the books have been about, so why now?

Link to the discussion board:

“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.” -Oscar Wilde


16 thoughts on “NOT Reasons For Boycotting a Book”

  1. Oh My God! I didn’t know that people hated it because of the Nico thing. This is so stupid and it doesn’t even make sense. I love that Oscar Wilde quote.

    And like you said, it wasn’t even the plot of the book.
    JKR got so much hate about the Harmony/Romione thing and even though I didn’t exactly approve of it either, it in no way changes Harry Potter for me.
    In the bigger picture, does it even matter about who Hermione ends up with? This epic series that teaches so many values and THAT’S what everyone wants to talk about?!? Or “specualte”?!?

    I’m glad you wrote this blog post.


    1. Yes! Glad you found this post! I wanted to write something about JKR, but I really didn’t know what to say (because really…I’m not even sure) but that’s not what matters.

      (Honestly, the Nico problem is a writing problem, but thats a future post…)

      Thanks for reading! 😀


    2. Haha okay. Looking forward to it.
      I haven’t yet read Heroes of Olympus actually- but I know about the whole Nico thing already so…


    3. You should definitely read it if you want to know more about what happens to Percy and company, plus what’s up with the next Great Prophecy as told by Rachel. It’s not as great as the original series, but still pretty good.

      My brother put off reading the next series too. Then I realized how smart that is: being patient so there’s no year of fangirl-ing wait for the next sequel after Riordan throws another cliffhanger into the face of the fandom.

      Seriously though. The ending of Son of Neptune was beyond infuriating.


  2. I find it horrifying that people hate on house of hades just because nico likes percy people can’t help falling in love even if the person who they are is the same gender if you are going to be homophobic about this then GTFO


  3. Ok, I have to admit that most of the reviews are unbiased and do not match the type of culture that our society is immersed today.
    But I will not deny that I never agreed with any of the books of the second series.
    They were not initially planned by Rick Riordan, he just began a second saga for commercial purpose.
    I already thought that the quality level would fall, but I am a human being capable of failures, so I decided to take a chance.
    And all I thought was confirmed when I started reading.
    “So Percy Jackson actually had not managed to gain Atlas?”
    A forced insertion of these new characters for the simple fact that now that the original books are over, he just needed a new massive source of money.
    Well, he is a normal person, it is understandable that he does not want to lose the goose that lays the golden eggs. But he should have resorted to other means to draw attention, not change a character just because the fans fantasized a bit.
    I know many authors who do not have to keep changing the personalities of the characters just to please the fans. Authors that often do not do what you expect and even make you sad, but create real characters and stories much more elaborate.
    I do not care to the fact that Nico now “is gay”. I would also be outraged if he wrote that in fact Grover was a centaur.
    He deconstructed a character, if he had placed real clues about the fact that Nico was gay before (And I mean REAL clues), I would not mind. But it’s not just show up and say: Hey guys, now he is gay right?
    You put negative comments, but the fandom of Percy Jackson, overall,
    loved this news. They’ve created this couple even before anything was clear.
    I do not care if people like the two together or not, but they have to admit that Rick Riordan did this just to please the fans and perhaps create some controversy, not because he was deeply analyzing the character’s personality.


    1. Well he may mot have shown that many clues hinting nico being gay but ,aybe that’s because Nico is from the past when being gay wasn’t ‘normal’ and because of that he hid the fact he was thinking people would hate on him cause he already a son of hades which is not commen but to add to that being gay and thinking it wasn’t normal cause of when he grew up. I’m not trying to hate I’m just saying a thought also I never considered Rick did it just to please his fans, thanks for giving me another way to look at things relating to this topic. Also sorry if you take this the wrong way or if it sounds mean because I had no intention of that.


  4. Reblogged this on middleschoolkate and commented:
    ok everyone. Hello! i just thought this article and person needed to be shared. i fully and Truly SUPPORT GAY RIGHTS. I have at least three Bi or Lesbian/Gay friends and I support them.Nico is my 1 or 2 FAVORITE character EVER!!!!! I think it is wonderful that he is gay and that rick is teaching people that are discovering it themselves is NOT a bad thing.
    goodbye, Kate


  5. Thank you very much for the article. If you all do not mind now I think I will go hunt down whoever wrote that particular offensive comment in the article above. Then I will proceed to tell them to get their nose out of their outdated bible and remind them that it is the twenty-first century now and no longer the dark ages. Also I will recommend a therapist to get over the homophobia and bigotry. Then lecture them again.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. All i can say is what the friggen hell why are people bashing a good series just because one character is gay. I went to school with a boy who ended up becoming gay and he is one of my closer friends. We are taught to treat others with respect and the way they want to be treated. my question is this: If you met someone who is gay in reality would you be like , how dare you be diifferent and like the same gender as yourself? I was raised that love was love no matter what. I had a neighbor who everyone in my town said was gay did my parents really care? Hell no they didnt care because, thats how they were its their life and if Riordan wants a gay character in his books more power to him. We are his parents we cant tell him what to write and what not too. I for one cant wait to read more of his works.

    Sorry its so long but when i get started on a rant about something i sometimes cant stop.


  7. ‘Not reading the last book because of Nico’s little “episode.” This is inappropriate, and I will have nothing to do with an author who supports gay rights. This is violating, and horrifying.’
    That has to be one of the most horrible things I have ever read. I respect that everyone has their own opinion but it genuinely chilled me to the core to see someone so blatantly disregard another human being this way, even if Nico is only a book character. As mentioned above it doesn’t matter if the person in question is homosexual, black, female, etc, you have the right to be yourself and live your own life, to see both Nico and the author not even hated just… dismissed like that, as though they had absolutely no right to their own story/opinion (the author) or their own self (Nico) was almost frightening to me.
    Sorry, that probably made no sense but that’s just how I felt.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I support gay rights and find it strange that people wouldn’t read the books just because Nico is gay. If they really were a true fan of the books they wouldn’t care


  9. ‘Not reading the last book because of Nico’s little “episode.” This is inappropriate, and I will have nothing to do with an author who supports gay rights. This is violating, and horrifying.’
    You have right to say anything you want and think anything you, I’m just telling you why I don’t think this. Ok, let me just say Nico didn’t have an “episode” he just confessed something big and sure it was dramatic but isn’t it supposed to be. Anyways a lot of people are saying things like just because Nico’s gay I don’t want to continue the series cause it’s “inappropriate, violating and horrifying “. Ok let me say Nico being gay isn’t the most inappropriate thing to happen so far. I mean Percy and Annabeth slept together, Leo feels like and outcast, Hazel thinks she’s a witch, Frank’s life depends on a stick which he set to fire intentionally, Jason was ‘owned’ by Hera, Piper stole a BMW. All this and you want to stop reading the books cause Nico’s gay, also the word gay wasn’t even used in the book, it was implied yes but not used. Also for the violating and horrifying part, man percy and annabeth go through hell together, Medea is an evil lady who can poison people, Gaea killed Leo’s mom making him think he did it just because she was told he’d be against her in the future. Cyclopes cook little children and eat them. With all of that and the reason you stop reading his books because Nico’s gay. You have your rights and opinions and I get why you think that but there’s other “violating and horrifying ” things than Nico being gay. Also I’m not trying to hate just state an opinion. Also all the reasons I listed for Nico being gay is not the only bad thing, I’m not saying the books are terrible and inappropriate, it’s just I think Nico liking a guy shouldn’t be the reason you stop reading the books(I’m a big solangelo shipper and I love the books) Also I’m not trying to throw hate or anything just saying an opinion to your opinion also sorry if I sound mean or pushy forcing you to love the books cause you can all feel, think all that you want.


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