Hello Internet!

So, I started a blog.

To make a short story long, here’s the deal:

Being (what feels like) the only science student who loves English lit, I’m taking it as my elective course this semester in university. For the course, we have to make a blog and post at least five entries on the readings we do.

Knowing me, I’m probably going to do a few more.

Plus, it seems a waste to make a blog for the sole purpose of getting some (to quote my prof) “easy marks”. So this is probably going to become a blog of my thoughts on not just my lit course, but of the books I read outside class.

I found after I started university that I ended up reading less, and I’m not sure if its because I didn’t have the time (full course load plus 3+ hours a day commuting) or because I lost the motivation.

Either way, the bookworm in me started crying with the absence of written fiction. I had been swallowing the books from the series “A Song of Ice and Fire” whole before school work had started settling in, but I’ve had the fifth book in my possession for months now and I haven’t even made it past the fifty page mark.

Hopefully my OCD for being consistent will force me to  continue reading so I can keep posting stuff, so fingers crossed!

Until the next post!

“A half finished book is a half finished love affair.” – David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas


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